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Chanting is simple. It’s free. And according to those who do it, the ancient art does wonders for your body and mind.

“It’s hard to describe in words, but when you do it you feel the energetic vibration and it uplifts the consciousness,” says Kumi Yogini, yoga instructor at the Bhakti House in Los Angeles.

“Om is the universal sound vibration from which everything in the material world was created, says Yogini.

The goal? To free the mind.

“We have in yoga what’s called the citta vritti known as the monkey mind. That voice that’s in the back of your head that won’t be quiet,” according to Yogini.

Through the practice of chanting and breathing, Yogini believes liberation begins.

Of course the concept of this type of chanting dates back hundreds of years.

Spiritual gurus and others have practiced the chant around the world. Many believe it can improve concentration and reduces stress.

During this same session we also tried what’s called kirtan, an Indian tradition that involves words and music. This practice lasts a bit longer than the oms.

If you feel depressed or anxiety, if you chant there’s no doubt you will have a better sense of calm and ease.

Lu Parker KTLA News

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