‘She really inspires me’: VP-elect Kamala Harris calls Bay Area teen artist who painted her portrait


A Bay Area teenage artist got a very special phone call from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who thanked him for a portrait he painted of her.

“I’m overwhelmed with the magnificence of your artistry,” Harris told 14-year-old Tyler Gordon on Wednesday.

“I was just still in shock,” Tyler later told KTLA sister station KTXL. “We had a nice, cool and chill conversation.”

That conversation was made possible by a tweet. Gordon had shared a time lapse video of himself painting the California senator and Vice President elect and it garnered tens of thousands of likes.

“She really inspires me,” Tyler said. “She’s one of the first of many. She broke through tons of barriers.”

He said he looks up to Harris as he’s overcome barriers of his own. “With me being deaf until I was 6, me being in a wheelchair for two years,” Tyler explained.

Tyler also has a stutter and founded the group Tongue Tyed, which helps kids and adults who may be bullied because of the speech disorder. 

“You could do anything you want to do with art, with just any talent you have,” he said.

He said he will continue to paint and share his talent with the world.

“I want to own my very own art gallery and I just want my art to be all over the world,” Tyler said.

Tyler is also in the running to be named Time Magazine’s Kid of the Year. He is currently in the top five.

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