Gas prices may be high in California, but it’s lowest in some central counties, according to a AAA report

As of April 3, the national average cost of regular gas per gallon is $3.82, however, the average cost in California is higher, according to AAA. The average cost in California is $5.03, the report says. 

Of all places in California, here are the nine counties with the cheapest cost for gas, according to

  • Yuba: $4.74
  • Sutter:  $4.76
  • Stanislaus: $4.81
  • San Joaquin: $4.84
  • Tehama: $4.85
  • Butte: 4.85
  • Merced: $4.87
  • Sacramento: $4.88
  • Tuolumne: $4.88

In August of 2022, the average cost for gas per gallon was $5.56 according to the AAA report. For more information visit