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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KTLA) — A substitute lost his cool — and his job!

After screaming and using profanity, the substitute was escorted off the Atherwood Elementary Schools campus and told to never come back.

“He was yelling and cussing and got in people faces,” said student Kelsey Smith.

Smith says she had a rough day at school today.

Her sixth grade teacher was out sick, and the substitute teacher — who told students to call him Mr. V — made some of them cry in class.

“She called me up to say dad do you know what happened today? The teacher snapped,” Kelsey’s dad, Mike Smith, said.

Kelsey tells us the kids in class were talking and giggling, which is what probably set the substitute off.

“He’s the adult he should know better. He was throwing chairs and staplers and office supplies all over the classroom,” according to Smith.

Kelsey told her parents the substitute teacher even got physical, grabbing a student by the arm.

“She was pretty terrified he lost his patience with the kids,” said Judy Smith, Kelsey’s mom.

Kelsey says when she got the chance, she told the school’s principal about the chaos inside the classroom.

“He went to the classroom and kicked the teacher out,” Kelsey said.

Parents were sent home a brief note, and guaranteed that something like this would never happen again.

“The letter says the teacher will never be back in the classroom again,” said Judy Smith.

We left a message with school administrators, but no one returned the call.

Simi Valley police say they’re looking into the matter to see if a crime was committed.

— Stefan Chase, KTLA News.