Survivors of COVID-19 gather in Norwalk in remembrance of lives lost during the pandemic


More than a 100 survivors of COVID-19 came together Saturday in Norwalk to remember the more than 615,000 Americans who have now died during the pandemic.

The group of people, who are part of the COVID Survivors for Change nationwide network joined the Yellow Heart Memorial and Faces of COVID Victims to walk around Norwalk city hall. They wore yellow hearts in remembrance of COVID-19 long haulers and families of those who died.

They walked 615,000 steps, one step for every person who lost their life to COVID-19. For many, the walk was a sign of solidarity during a very difficult time.

“The goal is honestly for me, for people to have comfort, to get some kind of peace and closure. To come together and celebrate our loved ones and just be there for one another,” said Marlene Bojorquez of Yellow Heart Memorial.

Those who took part in the walk are also asking lawmakers on capitol hill to form a bipartisan commission that would try to ensure that a pandemic of this scope never happens again.

Events like this have also been held across the country.

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