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With the price of gasoline setting record high prices in California, some are wondering where their money goes.

Taxes and fees make up a portion of the cost of the state’s sky high gas prices, which are also highest in the nation.

Earlier this year, an analysis by Irvine based researchers Stillwater Associates found Californians were paying at least $1.18 cents per gallon in taxes and fees alone. That number fluctuates by a few cents depending on sales tax calculations, which vary by city.

Here is a full breakdown of the added cost:

  • Taxes:
    Federal Excise Tax: 18 cents per gallon
    State Excise Tax: 51 cents per gallon
    Sales Tax (estimated): 10 cents per gallon
  • Fees:
    Low Carbon Gas Programs: 22 cents per gallon
    Greenhouse Gas Programs: 15 cents per gallon
    Underground Tank Storage: 2 cents per gallon

California has the highest gas prices in the nation, according to AAA.

In the Southern California region: the average price per gallon stood at $4.672 in the Los Angeles – Long Beach area, followed by $4.654 in Ventura, $4.635 in Orange County, $4.629 in San Diego, $4.621 in the Santa Barbara area and $4.613 in San Bernardino and $4.591 in Riverside.

Some gas stations KTLA visited in the Los Angeles area had prices over $5 per gallon Monday.

This segment aired Monday, Nov. 15, 2021.