Tech in the James Bond Legacy

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By: Rich DeMuro
Feb. 25, 2013

Bond always has the best gadgets that are key to catching the bad guys.

There are even entire websites that are dedicated to the cool gadgets used in the Bond Series.  Tech Report’s Rich DeMuro recently flew to London for the Blu Ray launch of Skyfall to talk with producers about the Bond legacy’s fascination with technology.

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli produced the latest Skyfall and several other Bond films.

“A lot of people have a lot of technology in their pockets, on their phone, on their iPads,” said Wilson.  “So the way technology is used is quite different today than it was twenty years ago.”

For Skyfall, there was an underlying theme of technology on a global scale.

“I think we have to look at different uses of technology and the last one it was about the whole thing was really about cyber terror,” said Wilson. “That’s a very hot topic these days and so it’s at that level, the level beyond your pocket the level beyond your home computer.”

While gadgets have always played a starring role in the Bond films, Skyfall isn’t particularly gadget heavy.

“There’s so many other elements that I think we didn’t need, said Naomie Harris, who plays MI6 agent Eve in the film.  “We didn’t need the gadget.  We just had amazing acting, amazing characters.”

But, the movie does re-introduce a new Q, which means, we might be seeing some of the James Bond gadgets in the future.

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