Tech Updates: AT&T Launches Upgrade-Friendly “Next,” IMDB Adds Movie Tickets

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Google has taken Street View to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Check out the view from all three levels. It’s kind of like taking a quick trip to Paris, without the expensive plane ride or the tasty croissants.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have come up with a chip that dissolves in water, so your next smartphone might not take up as much room in the landfill.

If you love to upgrade your smartphone a lot (like I do), AT&T has a new plan just for you. It’s called “Next” and it lets you upgrade your phone once a year. The catch? You no longer get a subsidized phone price – you pay full price, divided up into 20 equal and finance free payments. After the 12th payment you can trade in your phone and start all over again. It’s sort of like leasing a car. The new plan starts July 26th.

Yahoo has started a wish list so you can get the username you’ve always wanted (or forgot about wanting after about 1998.)

IMDB has added a small but very useful feature to it’s mobile apps – you can now buy movie tickets from within the Android and iOS apps. The service is powered by Fandango, so get ready to pay those service fees!

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