CES Las Vegas is still a few months away, but it’s there where we’ll see new advancements in TV technology.

Recently, CTA, the trade organization behind CES, gave us a sneak peek at what we might see at the show.

According to CTA spokesperson Patrick Pannett, more TVs that fit your space and budget while integrating into your daily life.

He says it wasn’t long ago that you just had a TV with boxes and cables surrounding it. But now we’re seeing streamlining – sets are getting easier to set up and more services are being built in. With many of the top sets, you don’t even necessarily need a set top box.

For example, Pannett showed off a 65-inch VIZIO 4K TV with a new operating system, apps and voice control with Alexa. However, not all apps are on every TV platform, so check for your favorites before buying.

And, do you remember the upgrade to HDTV? Now, most sets are 4K and 8K is on the horizon. Pannett showed off a Samsung TV: “I’m standing right next to it, there’s not a detail I don’t see, it’s not fuzzy, it’s not blurry.”

Manufacturers are expanding health and wellness options too. Pannett envisions “a future where I’ll be able to meet with my doctor or specialists through my TV. There might be remote sensors or diagnoses.”

When it comes to accessibility, there are more options. Samsung TVs have a feature called Relumino Mode which enhances contrast, color and sharpness for those with low vision.

And yes, screen sizes continue to grow, with models now up to 120 inches or more!

One more place we’re seeing growth: portability. LG’s 27-inch StanbyMe Go is a TV in a suitcase. It has 3-hour battery life and the screen rotates from landscape to portrait. “When it’s time to go into the stadium, just fold it back, set it down, close the trunk and you’re done,” says Pannett.

CES Las Vegas happens a bit later this time around. The show runs January 9 to 12, and while the public isn’t invited, I’ll be there to bring you all the latest!