New display technologies are changing the way we see things.

Screens are getting bigger and smaller, along with more rollable and foldable.

“Essentially everything that’s defining the next 5-6 years of consumer electronic devices are being demonstrating here,” said Achin Bhowmik, president of the Society for Information Display.

Every year, SID gets together to show off their latest innovations at an event called Display Week.

“So, these displays that you have today in your home, on your body… they were invented years ago. Here at the show, you get to see the future of display technology, where things are headed,” said Bhowmik.

I saw an incredible number of screens in all kinds of form factors…

From the world’s first 110-inch 16K display from a company named BOE, to a TCL Display 65-inch foldable display. There were also rollable screens from Samsung and flexible screens from LG Display.

One big trend is how displays are getting tinier – they’re called micro displays and they’ll power a new generation of wearable headsets, like the one Apple is expected to announce next week.

I looked through BOE’s new 1.3-inch 4K Micro OLED display, and it was incredibly rich and clear. You need a magnifying glass to see it!

A company named Audfly is developing displays that beam directional audio you can only hear if you’re in front of them.

Finally, you know e-ink technology from your Kindle screen, but the tech continues to get better.

The E Ink Corporation was showing off all kinds of items that use the technology – from street signs to posters.

“You get full color that just looks like printed paper. It’s very low power, it’s only using power to update the image, not to maintain it, which means you’ve got incredible power savings and no light emission” said Jenn Vail of E Ink Corporation.