Innovation is everywhere at IFA Berlin 2023. Companies from all over the world come here to show off their latest gadgets.

IFA show organizers took me to Berlin to experience it all!

You probably recognize the name ZAGG. They were hamming away, showing off the strength of their new Glass XTR3, which is now made with more recycled glass and is 20 percent stronger.

“I’m going to pound this nail into the wood, replacing the hammer with my iPhone, and there’s not a scratch on that screen protector,” said Jeff Dubois of ZAGG. He’s right. It looked like something I would NEVER think to do with an iPhone, but somehow the glass stayed intact.

I don’t recommend trying this at home.

Aiper Surface 1 is a $600 dollar solar powered, pool skimming robot.

“We are trying to achieve 100% of a clean pool. You will have a lot of debris on top, on the surface of the pool that is not going to be cleaned by a regular robot. So you’re going to need a skimmer,” said Andres Gomez of Aiper. They also make a popular pool vacuuming robot.

Want an ethically sourced, easily repairable phone? Fairphone 5 makes it easy to DIY, with more than 10 user-replaceable parts.

“The most obvious ones are the battery, the display, the USB-C port, camera modules, speaker module, everything that typically breaks, you can replace,” said Noud Tillemans of Fairphone.

The phone costs $700 dollars and right now the company says they are focused on the European market.

“We are here to create awareness and to challenge the industry to do it differently,” said Tillemans.

How about a pizza in 3 minutes?

SharkNinja (I didn’t realize these were the same companies!), the brand famous for air fryers, is now making an electric backyard oven.

They were showing off how easy it is to make pizza inside.

“You get your dough ready, you put it in the oven, and you don’t have to touch it after that. The pizza comes out nice and fresh and ready to go,” said Osman Ozturk of SharkNinja.

The oven uses wood pellets for flavor and can cook a variety of foods with temps up to 700 degrees.

“It allows you to take the indoors outside,” said Ozturk.

Jackery, a brand you might know for their portable battery banks, is still making power accessories, but now they’re a bit bigger.

They unveiled the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus, which is small and compact with an included solar panel for recharging.

“If you just go camping or go fishing or the short travels, it gets put in your bag and to plug all your like cell phone, your laptop,” said Tracy Wang of Jackery.

It can power up to 5 devices at once and a digital display lets you know how much power is left.