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There’s a new option for online grocery delivery in Los Angeles called Good Eggs.

The startup currently operates in the San Francisco area and LA is its second market.

“I think there are so many grocers that are trying to be everything to everybody everywhere and for us, we just care about quality at a different level in the way we source, and the way we deliver,” explained CEO Bentley Hall, who took me on a tour of their sprawling 60,000 square foot Vernon fulfillment facility.

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There, I got to see and sample some of their unique offerings, which range from farm fresh produce to quality meats, unique specialty items and prepared foods.

“One of the things that makes us really different is we’re 70 to 80 percent directly sourced from producers that are within 250 miles,” explained Hall.

Good Eggs says by working with suppliers directly, they can cut out the middleman and get products faster and fresher than their competition.

The selection is also far wider than your typical grocery store, which might stock a smaller selection of fruits and veggies. Good Eggs prides itself on variety.

It’s clear that these are among the highest quality goods you can source in the LA Area. The fruit and produce seems on par with Gelson’s, the snacks and specialty foods might be what you’d get at Whole Foods or even smaller boutique shops and the prepared foods are fresh.

You can place an order through the Good Eggs website and choose a delivery time and date. Depending on availability, you could get your order within a few hours.

Good Eggs CEO Bentley Hall

There is a $30 minimum on orders and there are delivery fees ranging from $3 to $14 depending on your order size and delivery window.

I found you can pay the lowest $3 delivery fee if you place an $80 order and accept an all-day delivery window. Orders are packed in Good Eggs’ iconic reusable boxes with ice packs inside. You can return both at the time your next order is delivered.

Overall, Good Eggs is going to be a valuable grocery delivery option for the most discerning customers who like the best produce, high quality cuts of meat and tend to gravitate towards smaller batch items that are mostly organic. The entire experience mostly comes at a premium price but if you’re willing to pay it, you will enjoy some of the best provisions now available in the LA area.

“We’re not trying to win on the lowest price, commodity goods delivered to your door the fastest,” said Hall.

One more thing to know about Good Eggs – their delivery drivers are employees, not gig workers. Each order includes a “Good Jobs” surcharge to be sure they’re well taken care of with benefits.

“We want to have peak quality food, we want to have really valuable good jobs and we think those two things go hand in hand,” concluded Hall.

Good Eggs is delivering to many parts of Central and West Los Angeles and some of the Valley with more delivery zones to open in the following weeks and months.