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A Hollywood company called ARHT Media is creating super realistic holograms in real time at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

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When you think hologram – I know what comes to mind: an 80’s fad that never really took off. Still, there are a bunch of companies working to bring this amazing technology to life. One of them is ARHT Media – and what’s unique about their technology is that they can create realistic looking holograms in real time and at a fraction of the historical costs.

To demo the technology, I visited a sound stage in Hollywood set up with just a few things – a stage with chairs and a green screen with some cameras.

When I first walked in, it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust but the images playing on the stage started to pop out at me – just like that movie theater scene in Back to the Future II where Jaws pops out of the building. Instantly, I was hooked.

ARHT Media calls these virtual people HumaGrams – amazing lifelike human holograms. What’s neat about their technology is that it is instantaneous – basically, imagine a world where a famous person can stay in their city yet entertain or educate a group thousands of miles away in real time.

There are no glasses necessary and the equipment used for the effect is nearly off the shelf. The stage has two layers of screens  – one in the back then another “screen door” type in the front. Images are projected on both screens and the human brain does the rest – blending them together in a way that looks like they are full of life and 3D.

I even got to step in front of the green screen and see myself on the stage as a hologram. It was very impressive. Recorded video doesn’t do the effect justice – you really have to be there to see it in person.

ARHT Media is teaming up with a live events company called Success Resources Group to beam influential speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins to audiences around the world with uncanny realism. The virtual presenters aren’t meant to fool audiences, but expand the reach of shows to encompass any location in the world with a stage and a fast internet connection.