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Actors are known for being “creative types,” and right now, they’re finding some unique ways to stretch their performance muscles even when ordered to say at home.

Here are a few ways they’re doing it.

The Groundlings Theatre and School

For the first time ever, the popular school is doing classes through Zoom.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity because there’s no geographic barrier,” explained Michael Churven, a teacher and main stage performer at the Groundlings School in Hollywood.

Classes teach improv, sketch writing, character creation, and monologue writing.

Michael Churven, The Groundlings School

The well-known improv organization has been around since 1974 and touts famous alumni like Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

Classes are available every Monday at 1 PM Pacific Time, but you might have to act fast to get in.

“Some of them have been selling out in a few minutes,” said Churven.

Broadway from Home

While Broadway remains dark, Broadway from Home is now streaming! The online theater school was started by a New York City-based actor and features workshops for kids ages 8 to 18.

The classes focus on acting, voice, dance and audition skills.

Everything is taught by professional actors and musicians from, you guessed it, Broadway! 

The Under Presents

Game studio Tender Claws is experimenting with a mix of theater and virtual reality.

“They give the actors virtual roses to thank them for being present, which is really beautiful,” explained Samantha Gorman, co-founder of the studio.

Players at home enter the game using a VR headset and interact with live actors along the way.

“Actors are able to see each of them individually and respond to their actions, so it’s much more of an intimate encounter,” said Gorman.

Theater in Place

One more thing to check out is a website called Theater in Place. It’s an interactive adventure for kids full of performances, puzzles, and most importantly, prizes! Organizers promise $200-$300 in gift cards daily to places including Amazon and Target.

Theater in Place was started by Jason Buzi, the same guy behind the “hidden cash” craze a few years back.

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