Beware of a new scam that involves fake QR codes placed near parking lots.

According to the BBB, there are multiple reports of scam artists taking advantage of this convenient way of paying for parking.

Since so many parking lots are going digital and letting customers self-service pay via a QR code they scan with their phone, the scam makes perfect sense. Like many scams, it puts a deceitful twist on something many of us are already doing.

Here’s how it works. You park in a lot and scan a QR code to pay for your spot. But the code you just scanned is fake, and you’re actually handing over your credit card information to scam artists.

People are only realizing they’ve been scammed when new charges pop up on their credit card long after they’ve parked.

To protect yourself, make sure the QR code you’re scanning is official and the website it takes you to has a proper URL. When in doubt or if you can’t tell, consider paying for parking a different way.