As soon as Thanksgiving dinner ends, the sales begin. Black Friday kicks off some of the biggest shopping days of the year.

One website has been tracking deals for more than 15 years and is considered a first stop for many each day.

“Imagine having 12 million friends that you shop with on a daily basis,” said Vitaly Pecharsky, one of the founders of Slickdeals.

They use the wisdom of the crowds to unearth the best deals.

“Anytime a new deal shows up on Slickdeals it’s scruitized, it’s validated, it’s upvoted, it’s commented,” explained Pecharsky, who expects good deals this holiday shopping season.

“The inventory problems have been solved, there’s a lot of interesting things coming out,” he said.

They’re already tracking muliple black friday deals, like a five piece Milwaukee toolset at Home Depot. It’s expected to sell for just over $200, regularly $600.

“I actually love Milwaukee brand. It’s a pro brand for a lot of prosumers that like DIY work,” said Pecharsky.

Costco expected to have a deal on Bose noise cancelling headphones, which are always top rated. A $300 pair is expected to sell for $180.

Airpods also expected to sell for their lowest price ever of $69. But you’ll have to go third party, Apple rarely offers direct discounts.

“We expect Walmart Amazon and Best Buy to have them,” said Pecharsky.

Remember when you couldn’t get a Sony Playstation 5? Those days are over. Now, there is a new “slim” model. The insides are pretty much identical but there is one telltale sign of the new one: it has a stripe across the front.

“It’s a little bit thinner, little better cooling, has a little bit more storage than the previous one had,” said Pecharsky.

PS5 bundles will come with a Spider Man 2 or Call of Duty game for $500, a $60 savings.

Other deals include $10 dollar movie disks at Best Buy as the retailer is phasing them out. You should be able to find small appliances for just $5.

Listen to an extended interview with Slickdeals’ Vitaly Pecharsky.

For those that love the art of the deal, scoring something they want at a great price “feels like winning,” said Pecharsky, who offered a pro tip. Use the Slickdeals app to set an alert for what you want and it will let you know when it locates it at the best possible price.

No matter what you want to buy, be sure to read comments and notes about the deal and price check items using a site like PayPal Honey or CamelCamelCamel.