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A new year usually means gyms are packed, but not this time around! 2021 is starting off a bit different from previous years, and that means many are turning to apps and at-home workouts to get into shape.

One of the big trends: social fitness. This means that your friends can offer encouragement or even join you in workouts — virtually, of course.

Here’s what I mentioned in today’s report:

Shred App – Shred is all about the social aspects of working out with friends. You can link up with friends, take the same workouts and even get a notification when they begin a workout.

Treadly – Treadly is a super simple treadmill that fits just about anywhere. Hang out with friends on the Treadly app while you walk on it. A new feature even lets you live stream your workout! Treadly folds up when you’re not using it so it’s out of the way.

NEOU – NEOU is like Netflix for workout videos. There are so many to choose from with a variety of trainers, programs and specializations.

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