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CD1: North Figueroa Street between Avenue 50 & Avenue 60
North Figueroa is an eclectic mix of new and old, offering ethnic experiences, neighborhood retail, and a bustling nightlife. NELAart Gallery Night opens over 50 nearby art galleries to Angelenos. Great Streets seeks to maintain North Figueroa’s strong ethnic values while supporting new local investment that showcases the corridor’s uniqueness. Improving pedestrian amenities and strengthening connections with the Highland Park Gold Line station will be a key part of the Great Streets plan for North Figueroa.

CD2: Lankershim Blvd. between Chandler & Victory
This one-mile portion of Lankershim Blvd.seeks to expand on the success of the NoHo Arts District. NoHo is on the rise, but strong regional transit connections mean Lankershim’s existing vibrant commercial corridor has the potential to be even greater. Great Streets will take advantage of partnerships with the NoHo Business Improvement District and NoHo Arts District to develop investments along the corridor.

CD3: Sherman Way between Wilbur & Lindley
With its pleasant landscaped median and community-serving small businesses, Sherman Way is a classic San Fernando Valley neighborhood boulevard. At the crossroads of Sherman Way and Reseda Blvd. you can find everything you need, from boots to barbershops to vegetarian Vietnamese food. Great Streets seeks to make this corridor more pedestrian-friendly and accessible to local communities.

CD4: Western Avenue between Melrose & 3rd Street
Serving the northern end of Koreatown, the southern end of East Hollywood, Wilshire Center, and St. Andrews Square, Western Avenue provides its community with mom-and-pop restaurants, personal services, furniture stores, and home-oriented shops. Great Streets seeks to improve the streetscape on Western, making a more pleasant experience for pedestrians. In partnership with the community, we will help this corridor realize its full potential as a thriving commercial and community center that can bring together its many diverse and active neighborhoods.

CD5: Westwood Blvd. between Le Conte & Wilshire
Built to capture the burgeoning car culture of 1920s Los Angeles, Westwood Village is where Westside and UCLA come together. Today, Great Streets seeks to capture the tens of thousands of Angelenos who pass through Westwood Village every day by car, foot, transit, and bicycle. Great Streets will partner with the Westwood Village Improvement Association and other community partners to support efforts to maximize community access, reduce commercial vacancies, and improve parking management in the Village.

CD6: Van Nuys Blvd. between Victory & Oxnard
Every day, Angelenos use Van Nuys Blvd to access the busy commercial stretch near Van Nuys Civic Center. Continuous businesses and an endless stretch of pretty palms make this a perfect place to shop and eat, but narrow sidewalks keep this corridor from its full potential. Great Streets seeks to strengthen the connections between Van Nuys Civic Center and the Orange Line while priming the corridor for Metro’s planned East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor.

CD7: Van Nuys Blvd. between Laurel Canyon & San Fernando
In a community hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, Van Nuys Blvd. is ready for revitalization and investment. A center for community services and non-profits, Van Nuys Blvd. can be the showcase for a changing Los Angeles where Angelenos are able not just to drive, but to safely walk or bike on their travels. Great Streets seeks to build connections to Pacoima City Hall in particular, strengthening civic engagement and enabling positive change in the community. Great Streets will also improve walkability and bikeability in anticipation of Metro’s East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor project.

CD8: Crenshaw Blvd. between 78th Street & Florence
At the southern end of the Hyde Park neighborhood, this quaint section of Crenshaw Blvd., with sections of street-fronting retail, carries the promise of a dynamic neighborhood retail corridor. Great Streets seeks to make this section of Crenshaw safer and more accessible for those traveling by foot or by bike. As Metro constructs the Crenshaw Line to the north of Florence Avenue, Great Streets will ensure that other parts of Crenshaw Blvd. are not left out of new activity and investments in the Hyde Park community. Streetscape improvements to this stretch of Crenshaw can happen in conjunction with streetscape improvements in Park Mesa Heights and other sections of the Crenshaw corridor.

CD9: Central Avenue between MLK Blvd. & Vernon
Central Avenue is the backbone of Historic South Central. Rich in history, Central Avenue contains landmarks like the Dunbar Hotel, the Lincoln Theater, and the city’s Historic Jazz Corridor, the center of jazz in Los Angeles between the 1920s and 1950s. Great Streets seeks to nurture community development, helping Central Avenue become a destination once again. In particular, Great Streets will leverage planned traffic calming and bicycle improvements to improve economic conditions on the corridor.

CD10: Pico Blvd. between Hauser & Fairfax
Pico is a classic Los Angeles corridor with continuous single-story retail right up to the street. In Mid-City, Pico has a healthy mixture of restaurants, services, and auto-oriented businesses. Great Streets will support economic development that enhances Pico’s neighborhood-serving character, making it easier for residents to go from business to business on improved sidewalks.

CD11: Venice Blvd. between Beethoven & Inglewood
The heart of Mar Vista, Venice Blvd. offers a special blend of local retail and community serving uses, including unique coffee shops and restaurants, art and architecture studios, salons and spas, bike shops, and bookstores, and other creative and vital businesses. Every Sunday, the Mar Vista Farmers Market brings hundreds of Angelenos from all over the Westside to this sunny stretch of Venice Blvd. The Great Streets initiative on Venice Blvd. will enhance the community’s infrastructure and help create an even more accessible pedestrian and bicycle environment, making this friendly street even friendlier.

CD12: Reseda Blvd. between Plummer & Parthenia
Running near the western edge of Cal State Northridge, Reseda Blvd. is an iconic San Fernando Valley street: wide, with lots of space for cars and lots of parking. But Reseda also has bike lanes and good transit service and a nearby MetroLink regional rail station. With student housing, new apartments, and single-family homes close by, Reseda Blvd. brings town and gown together. In partnership with neighborhood councils, CD12, Cal State Northridge, AIA, and others, Great Streets will enhance Reseda Blvd.’s accessibility for people traveling by transit, foot, and bike. Great Streets seeks to bolster economic development along Reseda with better neighborhood amenities, including improved sidewalks and outdoor dining.

CD13: Hollywood Blvd. between La Brea & Gower
Hollywood Blvd. is a national destination and locus of activity for Angelenos and for tourists who come from far and wide for the Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, the Pantages Theater, and the Dolby Theater. Great Streets seeks to take advantage of this activity, building linkages with excellent existing transit options and making the corridor more accessible for people traveling by foot and by bike. Great Streets will also support Hollywood Blvd.’s lively commercial and restaurant scene with new amenities, including outdoor sidewalk dining.

CD14: Cesar Chavez Avenue between Evergreen & St. Louis
Cesar Chavez Avenue in Boyle Heights is one of Los Angeles’ most active commercial corridors. Originally served by the Red Car system, Cesar Chavez has early 1900s tree-lined blocks of neighborhood-oriented shops, restaurants, and services. Great Streets seeks to strengthen the linkages between Cesar Chavez and the nearby Gold Line while improving the pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the area, proving residents better options for getting to and from the corridor.

CD15: Gaffey Street between 15th Street & the 110
Gaffey Street is the entrance to San Pedro and is its main artery, passing neighborhood restaurants and businesses as it makes its way through San Pedro to the southern tip of Los Angeles. Great Streets seeks to take advantage of existing improvements and planned investment to transform Gaffey from an entrance into a gateway, welcoming both residents and visitors to all that San Pedro offers. Great Streets will work in partnership with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative and the community to finalize specific goals and improvements to make Gaffey into a destination in its own right.