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The Walt Disney Company announced new planned movies and theme park experiences for Disneyland during a company earnings call on Wednesday.

Sequels for “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” and “Zootopia” are in the works at Disney, officials announced during the earnings call.

The company will be releasing a live-action “Little Mermaid,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” and Pixar’s newest animated film “Elemental” in theaters, along with a slew of other releases on Disney+ and Hulu.

Closer to home at the Disneyland Resort, an “Avatar” experience is coming to the park after the success of “Avatar: The Way of Water.”  

Limited details were available, but Iger said that more information would be shared “very soon.”

The earnings call marks the first for Iger after he resumed his position as the head of Disney after his handpicked successor, Bob Chapek, was let go after two years.

Iger previously held the CEO position for 15 years before stepping down in 2020.