The “City By The Bay” is the rudest in California, according to a survey of 1,577 residents of America’s 30 largest metropolitan areas.

The survey, conducted by Preply, gave cities an average “rudeness” score based on responses about certain types of typically rude behavior such as “being absorbed by phone in public,” “not letting people merge in traffic,” and “not acknowledging strangers.”

San Francisco scored a 5.69, making it No. 7 in the nation. Los Angeles was the only other California city in the Top 10, with a rudeness score of 5.35.

The top three rudest were Philadelphia (6.43), Memphis (6.05) and New York City (6.00).

“The most common rude behaviors in the US include people being absorbed by their phones, refusing to let people merge in traffic, and being noisy in shared spaces,” Preply stated.

Conversely, San Diego received a score of 4.71, making it the second-least rude city in the country (the honor of least rude went to Austin, Texas).

“More polite cities seem to be concentrated in the southern, midwestern, and western parts of the United States, with a noticeable lack of Northeastern cities,” Preply said.

The survey was conducted June 15-20.

“The most common rude behavior in the US is people being absorbed by their phones in public, especially in New York City. In Memphis, be prepared to have difficulty merging into traffic and brace yourself for city residents who are likely to be quite noisy in public. In Boston, you’re likely to encounter cars not slowing down around pedestrians and residents not acknowledging strangers,” Preply said.