Even the most seasoned drivers in Los Angeles would encourage anyone to avoid this intersection if they can.

The infamous intersection of Fairfax Avenue, Olympic Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles was considered to be the “worst” intersection in California by Reddit users.

Unlike a typical six-way intersection with coordinated traffic signals telling drivers when they can proceed, San Vicente crosses Fairfax Avenue and then crosses Olympic Boulevard, meaning drivers must wait through two light cycles to cross one intersection.

Known as the “Fairfax Asterisk” to locals, many L.A. drivers have complained that the intersection gives them anxiety.

“This one is right by my house and it stresses me out,” one Reddit user shared.

“Yes, I hate this intersection,” another user commented. “We have to drive through it to reach one of our doctor’s offices and when I remember to, I usually go a little out of my way to avoid it.

Some community members once joined together to form the “Fix the Fairfax Asterisk” group to advocate for changes, but seemingly nothing came from their efforts, SFGate reported.

Some users didn’t agree that the “Fairfax Asterisk” was the “worst” intersection in California; some argued that major intersections in Beverly Hills and Hollywood were the “worst” in the Golden State.

Actress Mindy Kaling posed a similar question to her followers in 2021, with many agreeing that the infamous asterisk was the “worst” in the state.