Trader Joe’s fans, get excited as the company is bringing back free in-store samples after a years-long hiatus due to the pandemic.

Fans of the beloved California-based grocery chain spotted the bite-sized freebies over the weekend at a variety of locations.

During Monday’s episode of the company’s podcast, the hosts confirmed the news saying, “Demo is back!”

“It hasn’t been possible to offer a lot of product samples in our stores over the past few years, but we are bringing it back with a new approach,” the hosts continued explaining. “We want to focus a little more on new products — things not necessarily on your shopping list, but things we’re excited to share.”

Delighted social media fans reported spotting seasonal samples including apple cider doughnuts, Halloween and pumpkin cookies, granola and more, according to CNN.

Although it appears most single-serve snacks and bites will return for in-store snacking, the one cherished freebie that won’t be appearing so soon? Hot coffee, according to employees at New York and California stores who spoke with CNN.

Samples are only returning to select stores throughout the country and no official store list has been announced.