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When Bob and Irene McKeown return home to Scotland, they’ll have quite a story to tell about their unexpected encounter in Southern California.

Surveillance video shows Irene and Bob McKeown being approached by a bear outside a home in Pasadena. (Credit: Chuck Foster)

While visiting the home of relatives in Pasadena on Tuesday morning, the couple was shocked to be approached by an unusual local resident – a bear.

Surveillance video captured the brief episode in front of the house, which is located in the foothills near the Angeles National Forest. The McKeowns were exiting the residence at the time.

The video shows the bear slowly approaching the entrance, only to stop as the couple walks out of the house. The animal looks on as the McKeowns, unaware of the visitor’s presence, pause to lock the front door.

The bear then follows the pair as they walk to their car — and realize they’re not alone.

After helping Irene into the vehicle, Bob felt something on his leg.

“I closed the door and I looked…. a bear!” Bob McKeown said. “You don’t know how scared you are, you just see a bear. I’ve never encountered a bear.” he added.

With his wife safely inside the vehicle, Bob McKeown ran for the stairs to let himself back into the house.

But he did not escape unscathed, the bear had clawed at his right calf.

Bob McKeown ended up going to the hospital, but was expected to be OK after receiving a tetanus shot.