TV App Brings Nashville Country Music Scene Home

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By: Rich DeMuro
Jun. 26, 2013

Country music has exploded in popularity in recent years and now a new app takes you behind the scenes with your favorite artists.

Shows like Nashville glamourize the city and with the aptly named app, Country Deep, everyone can get a taste of the country music world with just a click.

“I think the greatest thing that people say about country music is that you can understand the lyrics,” said Go Country DJ, Shawn Parr.

Parr, who has been in the country music radio for 20 years, say there’s nothing quite like country music.

“[It] really reaches out and touches you,” Parr added. “And I think that’s what it’s all about.”

Country Deep is a new interactive app from our friends at AT&T U-verse that provides exclusive interviews, on demand music videos and more right from your TV.

Just press the button on your U-verse remote, and you’re transported to the music city.

“We know how much americans love country music, so we’re bringing nashville right to your living room,” said AT&T representative Meredith Red.

It’s the perfect app for hardcore country fans and anyone looking for an introduction into the genre.

Plus, Country Deep is an easy way to discover up-and-comers soon to be favorites.

“The content on Country Deep is updated every week so you’re going to get live interview, performances, music videos and much more,” said Red.

Viewers can even build personalized playlists to make their living room more like music row.

“It’s just a great time for country music because it hasn’t happened too fast,” said Parr. “It’s just taken a nice gradual climb.”

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