LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The high-speed chase one man recorded while speeding down the Las Vegas strip may seem like something out of a Fast and Furious movie, but what happened Sunday night was very real.

On Sunday night TK, as his friends call him, chased a driver he said rear-ended him and took off. That led to a short chase that topped out at 100 mph on Tropicana near the Strip. TK recorded the chase with his phone and claimed to have handed over the dash-camera video to police.

TK says he is a U.S. Navy Veteran and now works with Nellis Air Force Base as a defense contractor in security. Outside of work, TK says he runs a YouTube channel called TK’s Garage where he builds cars, including the 720 horsepower modified BMW he was driving Sunday night.

“I was getting off of I-15 northbound at Tropicana at about five o’clock,” TK told 8 News Now. “I heard the screeching. I heard the tires locking up. I looked in my rearview and I saw the car coming. I knew he wasn’t going to stop.”

Thomas Jackson chased a man at 100 mph he said hit his car and drove off Sunday night near the Strip. (Image: TK’s Garage)

The other driver hit TK’s car causing some cracking on his plastic bumper and sensors along with some structural damage, according to TK.

In the video TK recorded, the other driver audibly offers TK $30 for the damage. TK laughs at the offer. TK said the man claimed to be a Door Dash driver and did not have insurance. 8 News Now contacted Door Dash and the company could not confirm whether or not the given Illinois plate was in their system.

The other driver also “had a weapon sticking out of his jeans” according to TK.

Thomas Jackson chased a man at 100 mph he said hit his car and drove off Sunday night near the Strip. (Image: TK’s Garage)

TK can be seen returning to his car before the other driver hops back into his vehicle and speeds off.  “I hear him spooling up his engine, and I was like ‘negative, that’s not happening, not today.’” TK said. “And I jumped into my car and as you can see in the video, rapidly closed that distance.”

TK, while recording and driving at speeds reaching 100 mph, chased the other driver for several minutes first on the Tropicana on-ramp, then Tropicana, and south on the Strip. Both drivers were weaving in and out of traffic and TK said the other driver hit at least three vehicles.

At one point, while on the Strip, TK said the man pointed a gun at him. TK said he did get that on video but only shared that with the police. “He pointed a Glock out his window directly at my car and was like, ‘back up, get away from me.’ That’s when I contacted 911 dispatch.” TK said.

In the video and during an interview with 8 News Now, TK admitted it was stupid of him to chase the man, but said he knew what he was doing due to a car racing background and military contract work. TK said he called 911 during the chase and said the operator asked him to stop chasing the man, but he continued, eventually stopping near Las Vegas Boulevard and Sunset when the other man sped into a dirt lot to cut the corner.

“Right before you get to that road at Town Square at Sunset there’s a dirt lot,” TK said. “So traffic is at a full stop, so I’m thinking, ‘OK, I got you now ’cause now I’m going to get out of the car and I’m gonna run up and rip your a** out of the car.”

“Dispatch was yelling at me in my phone to not get out of the car,” TK adds. “He sees he’s got nowhere to go. He takes a hard right, goes over the curb at like 35 and like legit Dukes of Hazards this Volvo into the darkness.”

Eventually, Las Vegas Metro Police caught up with TK to take a report. TK said the officers told him it was a stupid decision to chase the other driver. TK told 8 News Now he was only thinking of stopping the man from possibly hurting someone else because of his driving or gun. 

Police did not issue TK any citations for speeding, running red lights, or any other actions seen in the YouTube video.

Incident reports were filed with both Metro police and the Nevada State Police. Metro declined to comment due to the incident being part of an ongoing investigation.

TK is hoping the police will catch up to the other driver. He provided them with his dash camera video and the license plate number. 

“I just hope that, if anything, if somebody sees this video and they get anything from it, as far as if you’re driving without insurance or you do something and you hit somebody’s car, it’s not worth putting everybody else’s life at risk if you decide you want to run,” TK said. “Because that misdemeanor case or civil case, whatever it is that you get for an accident could turn into you killing somebody and you’re going to prison for the rest of your life.”