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A woman is speaking out after sharing a video of a man who hurled racial insults at her while she was at a Central L.A. restaurant.

Hong Lee says she was at El Taurino restaurant on 1104 Hoover St. in the Pico-Union neighborhood just before 2 p.m. Monday when a man approached her and asked her to have lunch with him.

When she declined, telling him she’s married, he started screaming at her, Lee says.

She then quickly started filming the man, who could be heard yelling, “help her to go back to f—ing Asia” when she asked the restaurant staff for help.

The man goes on yelling profanity at her, before blurting out what he said was his name and social security number, video shows.

“We were all just shocked that was happening, and so I was just reaching out for help… my instinct was to ask out for help from people around me,” Lee told KTLA, recounting the incident that brought her to tears.

After the incident, Lee filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, she said.

In sharing the video of the interaction online, Lee was put in contact with another woman who said she was verbally attacked by the same man last month.

A photo of a man shared by a woman who says he hurled racial insults at her at a bus stop in July.
A photo of a man shared by a woman who says he hurled racial insults at her at a bus stop in July.

The woman, who declined to provide her name, said she was at a bus stop with her child back in July when the man approached, trying to engage her in conversation before allegedly yelling racial insults and making sexual comments at her.

“You don’t forget his stare, you don’t forget his voice,” the young mother said. “I immediately knew — it was chills down my body as soon as I saw that video.”

Just like Lee, the woman said she also filed a report with police about the incident.

“It needs to be stopped because what if the next victim, has no one —actually no one—  looking… I can’t even imagine what the ending of that is going to look like,” the mother said.

LAPD told KTLA they are investigating the incident but provided no further details on the effort.