A torrential downpour soaked Las Vegas for the second time in recent weeks, flooding hotels and casinos Thursday night. 

Video showed what looked like a river flowing through the parking garages of Harrah’s Las Vegas and The LINQ Hotel.

Water also poured through the ceiling of Planet Hollywood and soaked the casino floor.

Video shared with KTLA by Sean A. Sable showed stunned casino patrons watching as water cascaded onto card tables below.

Twitter user Bill Pollock posted video of water falling through a ceiling above diners at a restaurant in Caesar’s Palace with the caption, “Trapped in a downpour in Las Vegas.”

According to the National Weather Service, over a half inch of rain fell in a short period of time.

Two weeks ago, floodwaters caused a similar scene at the Circa Resort and Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

The downpours are all part of the wettest monsoon season for Las Vegas in the past 10 years, delivering 1.28″ of rainfall so far, according to the Weather Service.

The monsoon season will continue for another month and a half.

In fact, there is another flood watch in place Friday for the Las Vegas region through midnight.