A pair of Transportation Security Administration agents have been accused of stealing money from passengers at Miami International Airport after video emerged of the two appearing to rummage through luggage at a security checkpoint. 

Video shows Josue Gonzalez and Labarrius Williams picking through bags on a conveyor belt on June 29 as passengers take their electronic devices out of their bags, take off their shoes and remove their belts. 

In the beginning of the released video, Williams is seen discreetly rummaging through a pocket of a passenger’s backpack and calmly pocketing what he stole as he stepped away to assist others going through the checkpoint. 

A short time later, Gonzalez is also seen sneakily picking through a backpack and eventually places what he stole – presumably money – into his pants pocket. 

Both men were taken into custody on July 6.

Full video of the alleged thefts can be seen at the video player above.