Witnesses Describe Dorner’s Final Moments — Glen Walker Reports

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At 12:22pm Tuesday, a 911 call from the owners of a rental cabin on the 1200 block of club view drive, in big bear lake.

Just a half mile from the location where Christopher Dorner’s torched pickup truck was found 5 days earlier.  Dorner had tied up Karen and Jim Reynolds and stole their purple Nissan.

At 12:45pm two State Fish and Wildlife wardens driving south on highway 38 in angelus oaks, spotted the purple Nissan. Between two school buses as they passed.

Quickly turning off highway 38 onto glass road, Dorner evaded the wardens, but soon after he crashed the Nissan.

Rick Heltebrake had just passed two other fish and game vehicles that had turned down  glass road searching for Dorner.

“It was Christorpher Dorner.  I knew it right away. I saw a vehicle crashed behind him. He just came out of the snow with a gun at my head and said just start walking.”

With his hands in the air, Heltebrake started walking with his dog as Dorner sped out of sight in the direction of three other fish and game wardens in two vehicles.

“He was shooting as he was driving, 10 to 20 rounds maybe.”

“Right then i ran into the snow and hid behind a tree where I had some cover.”

At that point, just before one o’ clock Dorner crashed the pickup, fled thru the woods to 7 oaks cabin, where he engaged in a deadly shootout with San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies.

After fatally shooting deputy Jeremiah MacKay and seriously wounding a 2nd deputy, the decision was made to end the standoff.

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