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An Orange County woman was hospitalized Monday night after firefighters had to rescue her when she became trapped between two buildings in Santa Ana.

A woman who had reportedly been trying to jump from one building to another got wedged between the two. (Credit: Southern Counties News)

Firefighters were called to a location near Edinger Avenue and Main Street (map) around 6:30 p.m. where they discovered a women wedged between a vacant supermarket and a strip mall, according to Orange County Fire Authority spokesman Steve Concialdi.

The woman had reportedly been on the roof of one building and was attempting to jump onto the roof of the second building when she fell into the gap between the two, Concialdi said.

She fell about 25 feet into a gap about 18 inches wide.

She was originally lodged about 5 feet off the ground but managed to shimmy her way down to the point where she was able to stand on the ground, Concialdi said.

However, she was still unable to get out because there were columns on either side of her.

Responders lowered a firefighter into the gap who placed a harness on the woman. She was eventually lifted straight up by firefighters using ropes, Concialdi said.

The woman was trapped for a little more than an hour.

She was taken to Western Medical Center with arm and leg injuries.