A man is dead and another is facing multiple charges after their attempt to carjack a woman was thwarted when she stole one of their guns and turned it on her attackers, police say.

On Nov. 19, North Las Vegas police arrived at the scene of a reported homicide near Coleman Street and West San Miguel Avenue, just east of Cheyenne High School, KTLA sister station KLAS reports.

Officers found a man in a ski mask laying in the street profusely bleeding from his head. Following failed attempts at life-saving measures, the man was pronounced dead.

Shortly afterward, police said a woman approached them with her hands in the air and a handgun in her pocket.

According to the woman, whose story was corroborated by witness testimony, she and her friend were parked outside of a home in the area when a vehicle blocked her in, police said. Several men got out of the car and approached the pair with guns, an arrest report said.

The female driver of the vehicle was pulled out of the car by one of the men, who had difficulty starting the car, police said. He set his gun on his lap as he struggled to start the vehicle. According to an arrest report, one of the women grabbed the gun out of the man’s lap and ran off.

The woman was then tackled by one of the men, police said. During the struggle, she shot the man who tackled her, prompting one of the other men to begin firing at her. She then ran and hid in a side yard of a nearby house until the police came.

A surviving would-be carjacker, identified by police as 18-year-old Jaylin Morrison, faces charges of second-degree kidnapping, attempted robbery, burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery, all with a deadly weapon, records showed. Police arrested him on Friday, Dec. 2.

North Las Vegas detectives discovered the vehicle that initially blocked in the victims’ vehicle belonged to Morrison’s mother. According to an arrest report, detectives received a search warrant and found a gun and ammunition that matched that of the shell casings found near the body of the man shot.

Detectives also received cell phone records that placed Morrison at the scene of the crime, police said.