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Students at Riverside City College were being warned Thursday about an alleged intruder stalking women’s restrooms.

The most recent incident occurred Thursday around 10:40 a.m. in the first floor women’s restroom on the eastside of the math/science building, according to a campus alert posted on the school’s Facebook page.

The victim told police she was washing her hands when she noticed a man standing behind her.

She said the man pushed her to the ground and attempted to rape her, according to the alert.

The woman claimed she used a pencil to stab the man in the neck and ran away, police said.

Investigators were not able to find the pencil or any blood evidence at the scene, the alert stated.

According to the woman, her attacker looked like a sketch of a man released the day before when another woman reported a suspicious encounter in a different campus bathroom, the alert stated.

That incident occurred around 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday when a student told police that a man entered the woman’s restroom located in the Quad while she was inside.

The woman told police she made eye contact with the man and he left the bathroom. He came back a few minutes later and entered a stall, she told police. At that point, the woman left the bathroom and called 911, according to another campus alert.

In both cases, the man was described as a Hispanic, in his 20s, with black hair and a short beard.

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