World War II Love Letters Discovered in Attic Crawlspace by Newlywed Couple in Texas

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A wartime love story was being retold thanks to a newlywed couple in Texas who discovered a collection of World War II letters 70 years after they were written.

Andy and Jessica Green found the letters shortly after moving into their new home in Lubbock.

While looking for the dryer vent in the attic, Andy Green spotted an old pillowcase filled with hundreds of letters and photographs dating back to 1942.

“So I went out into the garage and he had this old pillowcase and it had stuff in it, so we dumped it out on the garage floor and it was just hundreds and hundreds of these old, old letters and I’m picking up a couple looking at them, and he picks up one and says this is from 1942,” Jessica Green told Lubbock TV station KCBD.

The correspondence was between sailor Dale Simpson and his sweetheart Virginia Sims.

“I pray for a safe journey into your arms again,” Dale Simpson wrote.

The letters detailed their wartime romance and eventually their marriage.

“I got your letters and pictures today and fell in love all over again,” another of the letters read.

The homeowners learned that Dale and Virginia Simpson had passed away, but said they planned to return the letters to their family.

“It was like we were divided by — you know — years of inexperience … and growing up left to do,” Andy Green told the station. “In a similar way, I feel just as lost without Jessica as Mr. Simpson seemed to be without Virginia,” he said.

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