A Dose of Truth: Can pineapple juice really help with pain?

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We were joined by Dr. James Simmons, nurse practitioner and founder of “Ask the NP,” who answered our pressing health questions.

New research confirms that working night shifts can cause health issues, so Dr. Simmons took a look at how abnormal work shifts and lack of sleep can also lead to cancer.

He shared the benefits of getting busy in the bedroom, which can actually be good for your health and ease stress, while a lack thereof can actually lead to worse work performance and increased risk of certain cancers and other illnesses.

He also broke down the relationship between nerves and the need to empty our bowels.

Finally, a recent TikTok trend suggested patients drink tons of pineapple juice to ease pain, but is there any truth to that? He took a look at the science behind why a moderate amount of pineapple juice could be a good idea.

This segment aired on KTLA’s Off the Clock on Oct. 7, 2021.

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