Taco Bell is at the center of a class action lawsuit alleging that the fast food chain isn’t be honest with its ads. Customers in New York are accusing Taco Bell of misrepresenting the amount of meat and beans in several menu items. Legal expert and attorney Alison Triessl breaks down the suit and what it could mean for other Taco Bell customers.

Disney just settled its own class action lawsuit. This one centers around Magic Key passholders. Triessl shares what Disney guests will get from the company.

Also, a realtor from British Columbia was recently caught on camera in a client’s home helping himself to an item in the refrigerator. Surveillance video shows him taking a drink from a bottle of milk, then putting it back in the refrigerator. He’s agreed to pay a hefty fine.

This segment aired on KTLA’s Off the Clock on Sept. 18, 2023.