Amy Trask, Former Oakland Raiders CEO

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Amy Trask was the first female chief executive officer in the NFL. Her book “You Negotiate Like A Girl: Reflections on a Career in the National Football League” written with Mike Freeman recounts her three decades with the Oakland Raiders.

Frank Buckley appears alongside Amy Trask.

Amy started with the team as an intern and worked her way up to the position of CEO. She worked closely with the legendary Raiders owner Al Davis. In her book and during our conversation, it became clear that she had the utmost respect for and a tremendous loyalty to the late Al Davis despite the arguments they had on a regular basis.
Amy is now a football analyst with CBS Sports where you can find her on “That Other Pre-Game Show” during the NFL season and on “We Need To Talk,” the first-ever nationally televised all-female, weekly hour-long sports show on the CBS Sports Network. During this podcast, you’ll hear the inside story of what it was like to work with the enigmatic and polarizing Al Davis, and you’ll learn why it was such a proud moment for her when Davis said of Amy: “I don’t consider her a woman.”

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