Laura Flam is one of the authors of the book “But Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

The book serves as an oral history of the girl groups that made up the 1960’s music scene. The girl group sound, made famous by acts like The Ronettes, The Shirelles, The Supremes, and The Vandellas, took over the airwaves by capturing the mixture of innocence and rebellion emblematic of America in the Sixties. 

While many girl group songs rose to the top of the charts and shaped the trajectory of pop music in the process, many of the artists remain all but anonymous to most listeners. 

In this episode of the podcast, Frank discusses the young women behind some of the country’s most popular songs. Flam reveals the challenges many of the artists faced while navigating the music industry at such a young age, and at a time when America was just beginning to reconcile a history fraught with racism. Flam also shares what became of many of the members of girl groups after music tastes changed.

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