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Nick Hamm is a film, TV and stage director and producer who has directed a new film “The Journey” about two central figures in the Northern Ireland peace process who helped to forge what has been a lasting peace in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom for the past two decades.

The late Rev. Ian Paisley was a Protestant minister, Northern Ireland’s most powerful politician, and the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party who dedicated his life to keeping Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.

The late Martin McGuinness was a one-time chief of staff of the Irish Republican Army who believed that armed struggle was the only way to force the British to leave the governing of Northern Ireland to a unified Republic of Ireland.

Frank Buckley appears with Nick Hamm.

“The Journey” is a film that places the two men in the back of a van for a drive to the airport in which they’re forced to confront their personal hatred and entrenched positions. It’s an imagined journey based on a real-life private jet journey the men actually took during peace negotiations.

Despite the heavy subject material, the Belfast-born Nick Hamm describes “The Journey” as a comedy. In this podcast, the director tells us how he mined this important moment in history to create an entertaining and informative film that gives voice to both sides.

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