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On July 30, 2020, after launching from Cape Canaveral in Florida, the Perseverance rover embarked on it’s seven-month mission to Mars. The main purpose of this mission is to seek signs of ancient life on Mars, and collect samples of rock and soil for a possible return to Earth. The Perseverance rover is set to touch down on the surface of Mars around 12:55 p.m. PT Thursday.

On this episode of Frank Buckley Interviews, we are joined by two crucial members of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab team.

Katie Stack Morgan, a research scientist and deputy project scientist for the rover mission, shares details about Perseverance rover’s mission to search for signs of ancient life on Mars. She shares her excitement ahead of the historic landing.

Allen Chen, who is in charge of Perseverance’s entry, descent and landing, describes the seven-minute autonomous sequence that will take place during Perseverance rover’s harrowing landing.

For more information about the Mars 2020 Mission team at JPL, click here.

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