2019’s Top Apps Take Your Instagram Posts to the Next Level

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Apple and Google name the best apps of 2019 and there is a definite trend: many of them help make your social media posts pop!

Apps have this magical ability to turn our smartphones into a brand new tool with just a download!

Recently, Apple and Google named the best apps of 2019 and the trend is clear: apps that make our social media posts look better. Let's take a look at some of the winners, which also include games and communication apps.

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Apple’s iPhone app of the year is Spectre Camera by Lux Optics.

Spectre uses artificial intelligence to edit your photos in ways that might take a human hours.

Spectre Camera by Lux Optics.

You can make crowds disappear around popular attractions and have fun with long exposure without the wait.

Apple identified other apps that help with social media, including Canva, which is like Photoshop without the learning curve.

An app called Unfold has cool looking templates to help you create interesting Instagram stories.

Unfold App

Spark Camera is a video camera and editing tool all in one! It's helpful for creating vertical videos.

Spark Camera

Over is another graphic design tool. Basically, all of these social media "helper" apps will make your posts look creative and unique. I love watching people scroll through their Instagram feed, and it's pretty clear: you have a fraction of a second to catch someone's attention.

Keep in mind: although Apple named these as their top apps for 2019, many of them are available for Android as well!

iPhone’s game of the year is Sky: Children of the Light. This game was apparently six years in the making, and it shows! It has a thoughtfully designed story and characters as well as a beautiful look.

Sky: Children of the Light

Do you have Apple Arcade? Check out Sayonara Wild Hearts, a fun racing game included in the monthly subscription.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Over on Android, Google’s best app of 2019 is called Ablo; it lets you chat with random pen pals from around the world and instantly translates what you’re saying so there’s no language barrier. Just be warned: in our testing, we found the video chat feature to have mixed results. Let's just say not everyone was fully clothed.

Google’s user’s choice app of 2019 is another social media helper called Glitch Video Effects. This is an app that lets you have fun with your videos by applying cool looking filters. There are a ton to choose from including VHS, 3D, Vaporwave and Retro.

What was your favorite app of 2019? Tweet me and let me know!

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