CES 2020 Revisited: Gas Station Anti-Skimmer Device, A Smart Kitty Litter Box and more

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We’re revisiting CES 2020 for some more unique gadgets, like a device that foils gas station skimmers, a reverse microwave and a smart kitty litter box!

Inventors are always trying to come up with the next great gadget. At a show like CES, there are people around every corner pitching you on what’s next.

Here’s a look at some of the more unique items which might one day find a place in your life.

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A Fanny Pack Phone Charger

Ampere showed off a game-changing smart fanny pack with a built-in wireless input/output power bank. It’s great for travelers or people always on the go! Think Coachella or Stage Coach.

Drink Chiller 

The Juno can rapidly chill your wine, beer, coffee or soda in under 1 minute!

A Shelf For Your Phone 

Intelashelf is a portable device that transforms your furniture into a wireless charging platform! It comes with a USB and even a cup holder!

Smart Litter Box

LuluPet showed off their intelligent litter box solution that uses image recognition to analyze stools. It can alert you about anything abnormal with your cat’s health. They plan to sell the litter box for $149 in March 2020.

Credit Card Skimmer Detector 

Descammer is a handheld credit card skimmer detector. It scans the area around gas pumps for bluetooth frequencies the bad guys use to steal your credit card information. Give it a quick press – if it shows a green light you’re safe to pump, red means there could be a skimmer nearby.

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