No matter what kind of trip you want to take, these travel apps can make it happen!

The Dyrt

If you’re looking for the perfect campground for you, check out an app called The Dyrt.

It’s like Yelp but for campgrounds. There are photos, reviews, and tips for more than 40,000 public and private campgrounds in the United States.

You can filter by site type, the features it has and if you go Pro, you can even see if there’s a cell phone signal and maps to the best specific campsite locations.

“8.4 million Americans who had never camped before went camping last year, said The Dyrt co-founder Sarah Smith. “We’re all about campers helping other campers find places to camp.”


Bachelorette parties have never been easier to plan thanks to an app called Bach.

“We’re really covering all the fun experience you can do from when you wake up to when you go to bed on a weekend when you’re on a bachelorette party with your friends,” said Bach co-founder Mike Petrakis.

Bach helps you plan in 10 cities and counting, with the best prices and no fees. Over 100,000 parties will use it this year alone to organize boat charters, Vegas nightlife, party buses and more.

“We’ve been successful with bachelorettes using our app to invite their friends, chat with them to figure out what they want to do, put an itinerary together, split up expenses and then book these incredible experiences,” said Petrakis.


If you’re looking for savings on a last-minute vacation rental, check out Whimstay.

“Right now up to 50 percent of vacation rentals every night go unrented. So we asked the question why aren’t those offered at a deal at last minute,” said Noel Russel, a co-founder of Whimstay.

Whimstay features a lot of the same properties you might find on that airy travel rental website. But these prices are guaranteed to be the lowest or Whimstay will pay.

Plus, there are helpful planning tools that let you avoid those dreaded back and forth emails with your fellow travelers and a way to split the payment among friends.

“Chasing down friends for payment is not fun and so we tried to eliminate that and think we did a pretty great job,” said Russel.

I did a quick comparison of the same cozy cabin rental on Whimstay and another travel website and sure enough, Whimstay’s total price was about $100 cheaper for the exact same dates.