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We’re going behind the scenes at Mophie to see some of their latest products – plus, how they’re designed and tested!

We rely on our phones for everything, and a dead battery is no good!

Recently, I visited the offices of Mophie, a company that makes some of the most popular charging accessories for smartphones.

We spoke to Charlie Quong, Vice President of product development for Mophie. He said, “Mophie is known for the juice pack, which is the battery case for the smartphone.”

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What started out as a speaker company, has morphed into much more!

Now, Mophie makes a multitude of gadgets to keep our phones powered up and these days much of it happens wirelessly.

The company, now owned by Zagg, took me on a behind the scenes tour of their Southern California design studio to see how products go from sketch to store.

Our first stop was what they called the “Secure Room,” which is where ideas are brainstormed based on upcoming products, but it’s no secret we couldn’t even go in!

From there it was off to Design, which is where teams sketch and create computer models.

They test, “how will they feel, what colors will they be, what materials and finishes and also generally the shapes,” explained Quong.

Mophie’s latest wireless chargers feature a new suede-like fabric and we checked out a machine that lets them see what colors look like inside, at the office and outside.

Next, we got a look at their 3D printer for a fast prototype. What used to take 3 to 5 days, now happens much faster!

“It’s sent in the morning and by the afternoon we’re actually able to huddle around and pass a prototype around,” said Quong.

In the Engineering Lab, “you’ve got three things charging at once, that’s sort of the dream scenario.”

It’s all about safety, “if it’s got a battery in it, those batteries are tested three times before they’re put in the box,” said Quong.

Wireless charging is convenient, but it’s not as fast as wired charging on the iPhone!

It can actually be about 50% slower, the fastest wired charge you can get is a new standard called USB-C PD – the PD stands for power delivery; that will juice up the iPhone and androids as fast as possible.

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