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Credit: Isaac Hall

AyseDeniz Gokcin is a concert pianist and composer. She is originally from the city of Ankara, Turkey. AyseDeniz was almost quite literally born into music. Much of her childhood was spent seated at a piano, and by 5-years-old she was already taking formal lessons. By age 6, she was considered a child prodigy in Turkey, and was accepted to Julliard by age 11. Instead of heading to New York City for her studies, she went to Spain to study under the tutelage of iconic pianist Rosalyn Tureck. However AyseDeniz found she didn’t quite fit in with the other students there, and the mounting stress and homesickness lead her to move back to Turkey.

Without an instructor during a critical point in her development as a musician, AyseDeniz made the choice to attend a University in the United States. It was there where AyseDeniz finally met “her people.” Later, while working on her Masters at the Royal Academy of Music in London, AyseDeniz began working on a project that would ultimately catapult her to worldwide recognition, and help continue her mission to unite audiences across the globe.

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