Jamal Johnson, Actor

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Jamal Johnson is an actor from Los Angeles, California. Raised in Pasadena, Jamal originally had dreams of being a professional athlete. His interest in the arts started to grow as his parents began exposing him to live theatre as a way to escape the many vices that pervaded the 1980s. In grade school, Jamal was already performing the lead roles in Shakespearean plays and his love for acting was settled. Jamal’s parents were his biggest supporters, particularly his father, with whom Jamal had a special relationship.

Tragically, Jamal’s life would begin to change after his father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jamal’s dreams were put on hold so that he could care for his mother and ailing father.  Since then, Jamal’s life has been full of changes—both good and bad. But along the way, Jamal would learn an important lesson about finding happiness through self-fulfillment.

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