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Paul Beahan is an entrepreneur, producer, and the founder of Manimal Records. He was born in San Diego, and was always interested in the music business as a child. He even started his own imaginary record labels as a kid. Eventually he started playing music, and joined up with a few bands around the San Diego area. As his friends and bandmates went on to do well as musicians, Paul realized he didn’t feel like he was cut out to make a careerplaying music.

Paul needed a change, so he headed up the coast for Los Angeles and ended up going back to school. He ended up working in the world of fashion in New York, but that path would eventually draw him back into the music business that he had once been so eager to leave. He found success after starting his own record record label, and eventually began putting on live festivals. Now, Paul is excited to bring something big to Malibu Canyon.

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