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Danielle Savre is an actress from Simi Valley in the midst of performing one of the biggest roles of her career. She currently stars as Maya Bishop on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19. Danielle believes she was born to act; a notion that is supported by a long list of notable film and television credits. Entertainment outlets everywhere are raving that Danielle is one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

But Danielle’s trajectory hasn’t always strictly been upwards. Throughout her career, Danielle has experienced some incredible highs, but also some defeating lows. Through it all, however, she recognizes how each challenge has made her a stronger performer. Her journey as an actress eventually led her to the set of one of the hottest new shows on television in a role that was hard-earned.

In this episode of the podcast, Danielle opens up about the challenges of being a young actress in Hollywood. She recounts a series of events that almost caused her to give up being an actress, and how she was able to bounce back and revitalize her career.

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