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Richie Stephens became an alcoholic and a petty criminal as a teenager growing up in Ireland. He became a drug addict and then a drug trafficker as his life spiraled out of control. The Irishman eventually ended up in San Francisco where he joined a Chinese gang. He nearly ended his own life before realizing that his addiction was at the heart of his self-destructive ways. A journey to sobriety and a trip down the state of California to Hollywood led to Richie Stephens becoming an actor where today (of course) he often plays criminals. Stephens tells the incredible story of his life with co-authors John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky in the new book “The Gangster’s Guide to Sobriety: My Life in 12 Steps.”

The coming together of the authors and the writing of the book is an incredible story in and of itself. It’s now being developed as a TV series. That’s because Altschuler and Krinsky are successful Hollywood writers and producers known for creating and running high-profile TV shows including creating the successful series Silicon Valley. During this podcast, Altschuler and Stephens tell that story along with tales from Stephens’ life and lessons learned on Stephens’ path to sobriety.

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