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Black table lamps complement many different styles, from mid-century mod to art deco. They have a simple and minimal appearance that blends well in a number of household and office settings.

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Which black table lamps are best?

There are several black table lamps from a variety of retailers, but choosing one that fits with your other furniture and decor may take a little extra consideration. Whether you’re looking for a lamp fixture that’s black, a lampshade that’s black or a lamp with a black base and lampshade, you can find a table lamp model that works for your needs and budget.

This Elegant Designs Stacked Rock Black Table Lamp offers a particularly timeless stacked-rocks style that fits in with a wide range of decor types.

What to know before you buy a black table lamp


When you need a black table lamp, it’s helpful to think about where you plan to put the lamp. This will help you decide what style, size and overall feel is best. The best table lamps come in various different configurations and overall styles, so it’s best to use the lamp’s future location as criteria to help narrow down your search.


Make sure you find a black table lamp that’s sized appropriately for the space you plan to put it in. Black table lamps vary quite a bit in size, both in height and width. In general, black table lamps range in height from around 12 inches to as tall as 25 inches.

Black lampshade vs. black base

Some buyers shopping for black table lamps may prefer a lamp with a black lampshade, while others may want one with a black base as well. Consider how much light you need in your room before purchasing a black lampshade, as this may be less bright. Ultimately, if you take time to do your research and look around for ideas, there’s almost certainly a lamp out there that’s just what you’re looking for.

What to look for in a quality black table lamp

Preferred brightness

Finding a black table lamp that’s bright can be a bit of a challenge. This depends on a few factors, but from a buyer’s standpoint, the direct light from the top and bottom will be brighter, while the light coming from the shade will be dimmer. Some black table lamps have no lampshade at all and offer plenty of light. Consider how bright you want your room to be before making a purchase, and keep in mind there will also be a difference depending on the light bulb you use.


For most, a black table lamp’s style is the main selling point since it should match your home or office’s surrounding decor and overall aesthetics. Whether modern or antique, elegant or minimal, you can find several black table lamps in differing styles suited to your taste.

Extra features

Many black table lamps also include other useful features like USB charging ports, touch controls and more. In addition, many black desk lamp options have adjustable light arms, which some buyers prefer if they need light in a specific area.

How much you can expect to spend on a black table lamp

Black table lamps cost about the same as most table lamp models, but pricing may vary depending on size, brand and extra features. In many cases, you can find affordable black table lamps for as little as $30, while other high-tech models cost around $40-$95.

Black table lamp FAQ

Can you switch out the lampshade on black table lamps?

A. It ultimately depends on the type of table lamp you get. You can usually switch out black lampshades with a standard A-type, 60-watt-style light bulb fixture. Some LED table lamps and others may come without a lampshade.

Which black table lamp is best for the living room?

A. There are several black table lamps that can match your style and work for your living room. Ultimately, finding a black table lamp for your living room is as simple as finding a general style niche, determining how much light you need and how much space you have for your lamp. 

What are the best black table lamps to buy?

Top black table lamp

Elegant Designs LT1036-BLK Rectangular Dual Stacked Stone Black Table Lamp

Elegant Designs LT1036-BLK Rectangular Dual Stacked Stone Black Table Lamp

What you need to know: Those who need a black table lamp with classic visual elements will love this lamp. It has a stacked ceramic stone base and a minimal design.

What you’ll love: Most of all, buyers appreciate this design’s simplicity. It also features a straightforward black lampshade making it decorative yet unassuming.

What you should consider: Some buyers felt this lamp was too expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black table lamp for the money

Lighting EVER Dimmable Black LED Table Lamp with Seven Brightness Levels

Lighting EVER Dimmable Black LED Table Lamp with Seven Brightness Levels

What you need to know: This extra-bright, albeit affordable, black table lamp features an LED light arm with seven brightness levels.

What you’ll love: It’s more a desk lamp than anything, but it’s also fairly affordable and offers seven different settings for customized brightnesses. You can also purchase it in white, and the adjustable arm swivels up to 270-degrees.

What you should consider: Some buyers noticed the adjustable arm became loose over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Globe Electric 52095 Belmont Black and Brass Desktop Table Lamp

Globe Electric 52095 Belmont Black and Brass Desktop Table Lamp

What you need to know: This minimal black table lamp features an antique brass arm and a pivoting lamp head. It also has a useful USB port for easy charging.

What you’ll love: It has a slightly-smaller base, making it great for tight desk spaces. It has a simple on/off switch at the base, just beside a USB charging port. In addition to the black model, you can also purchase this lamp in matte white, brass, white and yellow finishes.

What you should consider: A few users noticed this lamp was somewhat top-heavy

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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