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No one knows exactly when the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings started, but legend has it that it dates back to the time of St. Nicholas.

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Which Christmas stocking kits are best?

The approach of the holiday season means that it’s time to decorate the tree, hang the lights and of course, arrange the stockings. The tradition of the Christmas stocking dates back hundreds of years, but if you want to start your own crafty tradition this holiday season, consider a Christmas stocking kit. 

These do-it-yourself kits usually come with everything you need to create your own holiday stocking. For an easy craft that the whole family can enjoy together, check out the Bucilla Felt Applique Santa’s Visit Stocking Kit

What to know before you buy a Christmas stocking kit

Types of Christmas stocking kits

  • Felt: Perhaps the most common type of Christmas stocking kit, felt kits typically come with a sheet of numbered felt pieces, detailed instructions and everything else you need. These DIY crafts are relatively affordable and easy enough for beginners and kids. Bucilla is the most common manufacturer of felt stocking kits. 
  • Needlepoint: Needlepoint Christmas stocking kits are usually highly detailed and require a bit of prior experience. These kits may or may not come with all of the necessary tools, so look closely at the product details to confirm. The final product is a fine, durable Christmas stocking that will last for years. 
  • Cross-stitch: Similar to needlepoint, cross-stitch Christmas stocking kits are moderately difficult and consist of a fabric grid on which you add colors to gradually create a design. 
  • Latch-hook: These kits produce a soft, textured fabric surface that resembles a rug. Latch-hook Christmas stocking kits are usually very affordable and user-friendly, although the instructions may be too complicated for young kids without some assistance. 
  • Knitting kits: If you like to knit, you may enjoy a knitted Christmas stocking kit. These products usually come with multi-colored yarn and instructions on how to make your own holiday stocking. These products usually don’t come with knitting needles or other necessary tools, however, so expect to use your own. 

What to look for in a quality Christmas stocking kit


If you want a high-quality Christmas stocking that will last for years, look for one that’s being sold by a reputable manufacturer. Bucilla is perhaps the most famous, but there are a wide variety of small online retailers and even talented Etsy designers who sell durable, intricately detailed stockings. Always read customer reviews and watch out for obscure suppliers with little internet presence. 


Consider the supplies you will need when shopping for a Christmas stocking kit. Are you an experienced knitter with all of the essential tools? You can probably save money by buying a simple knitting template or a kit that only contains multi-colored yarn. Felt kits usually include everything you need, like beads, embroidery floss and needles. 


Look for a Christmas stocking kit that can be personalized, particularly if you have a large family. That way each family member can get their own decorative stocking with their name sewn into the design. 


Perhaps the most important thing to look for when shopping for a Christmas stocking kit is a booklet of detailed, step-by-step instructions. Some products may include helpful illustrations with their kit, while others might come with a link to an instructional video. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas stocking kit

The cost of a Christmas stocking kit usually depends on the craft type and the intricacy of the design. Most people can expect to spend around $15-$35 for a durable, high-quality DIY kit. 

Christmas stocking kit FAQ

Which type of Christmas stocking kit is best for kids? 

A. Felt stocking kits are usually the easiest for children to complete, with adult supervision. Some Christmas stocking kits are specially designed for children, with large pieces of colorful fabric and simple, easy-to-follow instructions. 

What traditionally goes in a Christmas stocking? 

A. Most people choose to put small toys, candy or even fruit into their Christmas stockings, but you are welcome to add anything that will fit. 

What’s the best Christmas stocking kit to buy?

Top Christmas stocking kit

Bucilla Felt Applique Santa’s Visit Stocking Kit

Bucilla Felt Applique Santa’s Visit Stocking Kit

What you need to know: Manufactured by an iconic supplier of stocking kits, this felt Christmas stocking features an adorable design of Santa by the fireplace. 

What you’ll love: The instructions are easy to follow and the felt pieces are large enough for beginners and kids to assemble without much difficulty. You can also personalize the gift by adding a name at the top of the stocking. 

What you should consider: While perfect for beginners, this stocking kit isn’t as detailed as other products from Bucilla.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Christmas stocking kit for the money

Little Lady A Homemade Stocking Kit

Little Lady A Homemade Stocking Kit

What you need to know: This unique DIY kit lets you decorate your own Christmas stocking with twigs, berries and other natural materials. 

What you’ll love: This kit comes with everything you need to create a classic, vintage-looking Christmas stocking. There are a wide variety of fabric patterns to choose from and the purchase includes a fabric marker for easy personalization. 

What you should consider: This craft doesn’t require as much assembly as other kits, and kids may want a Christmas stocking that is a bit more whimsical. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out    

DIY Dimensions Checking His List Santa Christmas Eve Cross Stitch Stocking Kit 

DIY Dimensions Checking His List Santa Christmas Eve Cross Stitch Stocking Kit 

What you need to know: This intricate cross-stitch Christmas stocking kit is durable with a classic design. 

What you’ll love: This DIY stocking craft kit contains wool yarn, cotton thread, white cotton Aida, felt, a needle and instructions with an alphabet for personalized names.

What you should consider: This cross-stitch stocking kit may be too challenging for users with no prior experience.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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